Monday, February 1, 2010


My lovely readers~

My sincerest apologies. There really is no excuse for my absence accept that I have just been a schmuck lately. Sometimes in the winter I get like this. I just don't want to do anything because it is so f*ing cold outside. I become severely unmotivated and disconnected. Many people have told me that I live in the wrong state. This is probably true, but Minnesota spring, summer and fall totally make up for the crappy, cold, desolate, dead winter. Am I right? I can't wait for spring so I can run outside, go out to hh with my co-workers on a patio, go out clubbing on those hot summer nights, enjoy the lakes on my days of course TWINS BASEBALL! Did you hear? A preliminary agreement has been put in the works for a 10a -year contract extension for Joe Mauer! Man, I love that man ;) I could go on and on all day.

I just started running again. I figured that I should since I am still running a 10k in April. I have also been doing Jillian's 30-day shread. I am nervous to advance to level 2 because I still haven't mastered the push-up or the static lunge with bicep curl. Has anyone out there been to level 2? How is it? I weighed myself on Friday, and I went from 232.2 to 233.8, a gain of 1.6. I figured I would gain, since I had such a huge loss the week before, but no excuses, right? My goal is to be out of the 230's by this Friday. Wish me luck!

Well everyone, I am off to watch "My Life" with Michael Keaton. I hear it is a great movie and I could definitely use a nice, long, cleansing cry. I love them :)

I hope you all have a wonderful evening, and haven't completely abandoned my blog, but I don't blame you if you did. Heres to being better at staying in touch!


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  1. Okay girl- you can do level 2! I've done level 2 and to be honest, it was almost easier on some levels and the time seems to fly faster :)
    I'm doing a 10K in April too :D I've already started training cause running 6.2 miles kinda makes me nervous he he